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No social media links or personally identifiable information. More I visited my mother over the holiday and started at the house. She just got a new bulldog puppy who isn house broken yet, so we have to leave here in the cage at night. No, it not an actiony hard scifi, but the worldbuilding is excellent, the characters are well fleshed out, and there all kinds of great scifi philosophical questions raised around the issues of AI, cloning, the nature of identity and sentience, and yeah gender.The major complaint I seen about it is the gender stuff. Yeah, the Ancillary universe has a society that doesn assume/assign gender based on a person appearance. By God Smith, anyone? Robert the fuck Heinlein? Both huge misogynists with incest fetishes, sure, but they both wrote heavily about gender and gender relations).Slight spoilers: 2/3 of the third book is just the main character handling social justice issues on a tiny Planet of Hats with some kind of 1800 hacienda style plantation setup.

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