Roster: Shaymin L (11 13, SL5); Luxray (20, SL5); Silvally (7

Megas: Shiny Ray (level 10, 15/15); Diancie (level 13, 10/10); Bee (level 13, 12/12).Roster: Shaymin L (11 13, SL5); Luxray (20, SL5); Silvally (7 10, SL5); Virizion (15, SL4); Emolga (15, SL5); Volcanion (10, SL3); Noivern (20, SL5).Note: Shaymin and Canada Goose Outlet Silvally leveled up over the course of the escalation.50: itemless with M SRay, Shaymin, Luxray, Emolga.100: itemless with M SRay, Silvally, Luxray, Shaymin. 0 moves left. I tried a few different teams, but this is the one that did it.

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