The theater was packed with people our age

Hugh Jackman to play Scar in the Lion King remake

EDit for clarity (thanks u/Mikey_MiG): Nala canada goose outlet uk fake song is Shadowlands which is what I was talking about. Actually, 10 canada goose outlet boston seconds into the opening with “circle of life” I was sobbing. So much nostalgia, but also just the whole sequence and the costumes and set canada goose parka outlet uk pieces! I will always see this show when it comes through my city. 🙂 Another one of my favorite aspects are all the little kiddos in their animal onesies giggling at parts that are mildly amusing to adults, and being so fascinated with the spectacle canada goose vest outlet of costumes coming into the crowd. It wonderful!Why is this being made? 2 reasons:First canada goose outlet online store one, above all else, is money. We canada goose jacket outlet uk all know it and Disney is seeing massive returns so they aren shy about it.Second, I don think it out of line to say that Lion King is quite possibly, short of Frozen, Disney most canada goose outlet in new york popular and classic animated film that resonated with multiple generations and means a lot to many all over the world. When it was re released in theaters in 3D in 2011 it was 1 in the box office canada goose outlet kokemuksia for 2 weeks. Studio execs thought it was due to it being 3D. But when the success was attempted with Titanic and Star Wars Episode I, those re canada goose outlet miami releases didn fare as well. In my opinion, canada goose outlet mall Lion King has more accessibility than the Disney classics like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and dare I say even Beauty and the Beast with regard to its themes, the action, the music, the sequences, the drama, and so on. Disney knows it.The Jungle Book animals were incredibly well done and for canada goose outlet online uk me, brought me into the movie more and made me more emotionally invested than I ever was with the cartoon. That what Disney has a chance with here, which is why they hired Jon Favreau to do this as well. It was a great canada goose outlet new york city experience.I was 24 when the re canada goose outlet winnipeg address release happened. Much had happened to myself, my mom and my dad at that point, but I still wanted to see it once again. As well, my two close buds and I all had girlfriends and we always hung out, but we didn all go see movies together (we don all have the same taste in movies). In fact, still to this day we don Yet when that re release came out, we all went. The theater was packed with people our age, kids, and older folks. It was canada goose outlet online huge. And the circle of life sequence and Simba ascending Pride canada goose outlet uk sale Rock moved me again in a way it hadn when I had watched it on tv in the years up to that point. It was another great experience.I be a first time Canada Goose Outlet dad in 2 short months. By the time this comes out, my little guy will be almost 2. Those girlfriends we had are now our wives, and it very likely my buddies will have children of their own by then as well. My mom and dad will be Grandparents. Point of the story? The Circle canada goose uk site of Life isn just a song, it is one of the most well known themes, and it has a certain power behind it that will never stop resonating. We will all likely canada goose outlet store calgary go see this remake with the epitome of the circle of life in our faces, and it is likely going to be a powerful, moving and great experience for me once again.Congrats on being a first canada goose outlet jackets time father! I don have children but I do have a baby niece. I cannot wait to go with her to see these remakes and see the wonder on her face that I must have had (and internalize as an adult for sure). It a very beautiful and poignant thing when you think about it in the context of Circle of Life. ;)Thanks for sharing such a canada goose outlet store montreal high quality comment!Btw I was about 5 and my brother was 9. apparently my brother sobbed when Mufasa dies, but I was just a bit too young to really understand the impact at the time. Still, I do remember going to the theater and being super in love with the whole movie. As most of us who grew up in the 90s, we had all the VHS tapes and wore them down with all our rewatches! It neat to see newer generations have the same experiences with the Disney movies released as they were/are growing up. Even better that they can get a piece of the canada goose outlet near me classics delivered in live action! I love any opportunity to feel like a care free kid again.

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