2 percent year on year because the Kyivstar figures were no

QB DeShone Kizer:The Packers backup quarterback got a Lambeau Leap in after a scramble, but he otherwise struggled. His accuracy and footwork under pressure are still a work in progress. Rodgers hit him several times in the two minute drills, but he couldn bring in a couple of big plays downfield, including a pretty deep shot from Hundley and a late fourth down Hail Mary attempt from Rodgers.

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canada goose clearance sale The company, worth $32 billion, raised guidance for revenue growth this year to between 3 and 5 percent from a previous projection of 0 to 5 percent and said it added more than 6 million mobile subscribers worldwide in the first quarter.At 0958 GMT, Telenor shares were up 3.7 percent to 119.25 crowns, a two month high.results were solid. And subscriber growth figures were very good, said Frank Maaoe, analyst at DnB NOR in Oslo, who has a rating on Telenor shares.may have to increase their estimates canada goose outlet winnipeg and further appreciation of the shares would be fair over the next weeks.Chief Executive Jon Fredrik Baksaas said Telenor operations in Malaysia and Pakistan were developing particularly well and that the new sales target reflected the fading risk of an unfavourable change in interconnect fees in Thailand.Net subscriptions in Pakistan jumped 2.4 million, most among Telenor units, and its operations there were reaching break even at the EBITDA level, he said.Overall, Telenor first quarter revenue grew 5.5 percent to 22.45 billion Norwegian crowns ($3.76 billion), topping forecasts of around 21.97 billion.The number excluded Ukrainian unit Kyivstar, which had been one of its most promising foreign units but which Telenor has deconsolidated from its results because it no longer had influence over the operator due to a long running canada goose uk site legal battle with co owner, Russia Alfa Group.Telenor posted earnings before interest, tax, canada goose outlet nyc depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of 7.04 billion crowns in the quarter, down 9.2 percent year on year because the Kyivstar figures were no longer included.The result was in line with an average forecast of 7.06 billion crowns in a Reuters poll of 16 analysts, whose estimates ranged between 7.06 billion and 7.55 billion crowns.CHEAPER HANDSETS Telenor said growth in its emerging market operations had been spurred by cheaper unit handset prices but that fast expansion meant more investments in networks over the long term.Telenor maintained its 2007 capital expenditure target of around 20 percent of revenues, but Chief Financial Officer Trond canada goose outlet uk Westlie said the build up of subscribers, especially in urban areas, meant will be maintained (at high levels) for a longer period of time than previously expectedTelenor repeated guidance for a 2007 EBITDA margin before other income and expenses of around 32 percent the rate it hit in the first quarter. Telenor cut 2007 targets in March, when it announced it had deconsolidated Kyivstar from Jan canada goose clearance sale.

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