So all the primary rewards of leveling (new abilities to unlock

Leveling seems to be more of a grind

Then why was leveling the easiest it ever been for years canada goose outlet online and years, all the while boosts were available? And if boost sales are their goal, why did they specifically require you to not boost the new Allied Races in order to canada goose outlet uk sale get the race specific xmogs? That seems like it would have been a golden opportunity to sell boosts.I just don buy that this is a cash grab to sell boosts, because if that was the case canada goose uk they would have done this years ago. I think it more likely that Blizzard decided that 1 shotting everything canada goose outlet store toronto for 90+ levels was not a healthy experience for new players (which I agree with) and decided that leveling need to have non zero meaning again. I wonder how many people will make it to max level. I remember leveling taking me months (enter reply from some kid who says “no way, I did it in 7 days”).And canada goose vest outlet yeah I get the vanilla crowd is probably a different group, but I still going to pick on the vanilla crowd because of their geeky canada goose outlet buffalo nostalgia glasses. I looking forward to playing some vanilla but I already know I way canada goose outlet woodbury prefer the way WoW is now to vanilla. The nature of the game has changed. I do honestly think vanilla was canada goose outlet toronto location just completely different, which is was.I certainly don have the time to do that kind of a grind anymore with a full time job, a spouse, and canada goose outlet reviews a child. It just not plausible.That being said, I can still appreciate the experience for what it was and it was fantastic even with the huge time commitment. That same time commitment today does not provide the same sense of accomplishment or enjoyment. 2 hours in the deadmines in vanilla at level 18 was grueling at times but canada goose outlet in vancouver fun. Beyond that, canada goose outlet store new york abilities have been pruned and the talent system revamp + level growth has increased the gap between getting these cool canada goose outlet online reviews new skills.So all the primary rewards of leveling (new abilities to unlock, new talent skills to customize, and new items that make you feel stronger because of stat increases) have been canada goose outlet website legit severely neutered. You could canada goose jacket outlet sale go 5 levels without getting a single new canada goose outlet online store ability, effect, talent, or even a new item upgrade (because even an item 5 levels higher may have the exact same stats as your current one).Blizzard simply canada goose outlet eu hasn provided enough reward or content to fit the canada goose outlet store quebec leveling process. 120 levels is too Canada Goose Outlet many if only 40 of them matter. I didn care if there were exploits to farm an old raid, those 300% xp potions, dungeon farming, heirlooms, leveling alts was always a chore and a waste of my time.That being said, I started leveling an alt with my brothers last night and honestly it felt just the same as before. We are currently lvl 19 with a little over 2 hours played and just heirlooms (no rings). I gotta say, the only redeeming thing is to canada goose outlet hong kong do it with other people, preferably in a voice chat, and just go at your own pace. I promise leveling can be fun but not because the content, just canada goose outlet london uk how you perceive it.For example, we dinged 13 when we finished mulgore and got the go to Org quest. We arrived and I said “hey, lets just grind RFC with us (monk, disc, ret) until we can do LFG. It took maybe 30 min (considerably longer than questing would have) but was so funny. We were coordinating war stomps, shouting, laughing, and having a brilliant time at 2 AM.TL;DR find a buddy (or buddies) and get grinding. It won get any better, but it can still be fun!IMO the leveling game shouldn be balanced around burned out veterans that have played the game for years.Of course I do still believe that through ability pruning and scaling + gear ilevels, leveling is in a very weird place right now. canada goose outlet phone number You can go like 10ish levels without getting a single new ability to play with or even a replacement to your gear. That just stale.

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