I’m no longer quite so scared about the future

This is like that limp wrist senator that claimed disability from the VA because he got hurt playing college football for an academy, he then tried to talk shit to Tammy Duckworth who lost both of her legs in a helo crash in Iraq. That ass chewing she gave him was fucking bone rattling. In my opinion, if you’re gonna be a Warhawk republican, and vouch for sending other people’s kids to die somewhere, you sure as fuck better have served yourself or have attempted to.

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canada goose clearance We challenge each other. We talk about everything. I’m no longer quite so scared about the future, and if they weren’t expecting a baby canada goose outlet uk in July, I don’t know that we ever canada goose outlet mall would have made it this far.. I don think him playing along would have made it look like he “won” or whatever, but I could totally see him being smart enough to know that this was some kind of satire (I mean, he had veal served to him in a condom. That had to have raised some red flags, but then again I don know how crazy the exotic cuisine scene gets) but also stupid enough to think that once it hits the public eye, he would be in a position to play the “Oh, you thought you tricked me? I knew all along, you fools” card.Like I said, I don really think that would have actually painted him in a better light, but I could totally see him being unaware enough to think that it would. One of the episodes featured him canada goose outlet canada goose outlet belgium visiting canada goose outlet toronto factory a tribe who would eat the anus of some animal and the way they cooked it appeared very primal and there was almost no sanitation. canada goose clearance

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