It kills him that his former friend Anthony is gone and

The 65,000 tonnes of organics that Surrey residents leave at the curb each year will be turned into renewable natural gas at the new Surrey Biofuel Facility, which officially opened in the Port Kells industrial area on Friday.latest project, I believe, shows that the City of Surrey is a leader when it comes to sustainability, and when it comes to smart initiatives, said Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner.The $68 million facility is the first fully integrated, closed loop organic waste management system in North America.The facility has the capacity to divert 115,000 tonnes of organic waste from the landfill, although at the start it will only process organics from Surrey. Hepner said the city will be able to accept waste from commercial operations or other municipalities.fully expect to see others knocking on our door very soon, said Hepner.It is expected that the facility will also produce about 45,000 tonnes of compost each year, which is suitable for gardening and agricultural purposes, and will be used in city parks and boulevards.Surrey greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by about 49,000 tonnes per year, according to the city, the equivalent of taking 10,000 cars off the road. The city corporate carbon footprint is 17,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.The project was financed by a public private partnership, that saw the federal government kick in 25 per cent of the capital costs ($17 million) and Renewi has financed the rest.

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